Tallinn Umami Resto Review – Vegan Options

Umami Resto is one of the go to locations for foodies. It is located at Kalasadam (Fish Harbor) and has plenty of out-door seating with a view to the sea. Umami is the second venue from the founders of the well-known Leib (bread) restaurant in Old Town. The price range is a little bit above average than usual for restaurants in Kalamaja area.

Vegan Options?

Most restaurants in Kalamaja area these days has at least some vegan options. The same goes for Umami. Except you can be sure their meals are never disappointing. We wish we would have gotten some images of the view and exterior of the place – it’s awesome!

The Lovely Food

Indian Peanut Balls, Umami French Fries and Aperol Spritz

So what did we get? We ordered Indian Peanut Balls and Umami French Fries. Our order arrived fairly quickly and the food looked tasty. Would have also ordered some dessert, but we had some plans to grab something at another place.

The lovely Indian Balls (14.50 €) are with oven baked celeriac, red curry sauce and marinated mustard stalks. The sauce has a nice sour taste (similar to Laksa soup) and isn’t too heavy. The Indian Balls have a nice texture, not too crunchy and not too soft. We would give a 4.5/5 stars to this dish :). Could have something extra.

Nice Texture of the Indian Peanut Balls
French Fries with Garlic and Chilantro

Our favorite were the Umami French Fries (4€). They were mixed with some chilantro and garlic giving an awesome boost in taste. Would visit again just for these.

The Service

Service at Umami Resto was very polite and energetic. Not the usual in Estonia!


Overall our experience was very decent. Would like a nice vegan soup next time though, please. They used to have a mushroom soup in their offering before. Will definitely visit again but would have to save up on some money as it’s not the cheapest. Our score is 4.5/5. Thanks for hosting us 🙂

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